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About us



Hateley Furniture was started out of need. After dealing with cheaply made furniture that falls apart we decided to make something better.  A low priced quality product we could be proud of.  We wanted to build furniture that is not only well priced and beautiful but will last a lifetime.  Our mission is to allow people to fall in love with their homes and feel as though their surroundings are unique.  Due to the nature of patinas and shou sugi ban, every piece will have it's own different features. This allows the you to appreciate all of our products in their own right.  We are currently a one man/one dog show with Andy Hateley designing, building, and finishing all current products.  Our mascot, Gonzo the wolfdog, supervises all activities. Good luck with your search to make your home your own unique space!


Do you provide International delivery?


Currently we are only shipping within the United States and International shipping will be available soon!



How do I return an item?


Call or email us if you have any problems, if our product has any flaws or if it's simply not for you. We accept returns as long as no damage has been done to the product.

Can I pickup my item to save on shipping?

Yes, we prefer it this way.  Products can be picked up at our warehouse in Chatsworth, CA.  

Patina Disclaimer

Due to the nature of patinas all of our products will be slightly different then the item pictured.  When patinas are applied the liquid settles in lower areas creating puddles.  Where the puddles are formed and how long they take to dry will affect how the patina looks. The longer the patina sits on the steel before drying dictates how dark or light the patina will be. Though we can not garantee it will look exaclty like the time pictured, we can assure you you product will be slighty different then others giving it it's own unique colors and marbling. This allows each product that is made by Hateley Furniture to be appreiciated individually.

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